Freedom Eye Laser

Northern Beaches Eye Surgery

Our practice has two areas of focus.

Northern Beaches Eye Surgery provides the highest standard of care for general ophthalmology. Freedom Eye Laser is dedicated to freeing people from glasses and contact lenses.

While the businesses stand together and compliment each other, the websites have now been amalgamated.

Northern Beaches Eye Surgery was established in 2010 to provide the highest level of ophthalmic care to people in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The core of our business has always been the importance of safety, personalised care and the most advanced technology.

People have shared their stories and the common theme has always been ‘freedom’. Freedom from contact lenses and glasses but more importantly, freedom to get on and enjoy their lives without restraint.

Freedom Eye Laser will now be the primary name of our business. We feel it reflects the dreams of our patients’ and conveys our purpose.

NBeyesurgery.com.au has been updated and incorporated into this website – freedomeyelaser.com.au