Freedom Eye Laser

Payment Options

Freedom Eye Laser customise treatment to the individual. The cost of your surgery will depend on which procedure is right for you and for your specific condition. Some practices offer a tiered approach to treatment. We do not believe in a graded pricing structure with varying levels of quality. Freedom Eye Laser only offer the best possible solution for optimal vision, safety and accuracy.

Freedom Eye Laser understand that cost is an important factor when considering eye surgery. We believe in a transparent pricing structure and will provide all patients with an itemised quote so there are no surprises. While the price is fixed, there are options for how and when you pay.


Freedom Eye Laser believe in providing the highest quality vision correction at a price that is fair to you.

Femtosecond-assisted LASIK with Contoura Vision, the latest and most successful vision achievable costs $3200 per eye. This includes the assessment, the procedure, all post-operative appointments and an enhancement (if required) for a 3-month period.


Certain health funds contribute toward laser eye surgery.

BUPA Ultimate Health Cover reimburse 100% of the costs for laser eye surgery (subject to conditions and waiting times). For more details, please contact BUPA directly. Both AHM and the Defense Forces Health Fund do reimburse some of the cost for laser eye surgery.

Please check with your health fund directly as they all have different waiting times, rules and levels of cover.


Lens Replacement Surgery with advanced multifocal intraocular lens implants can vary according to the eye’s condition (such as a cataract present), your health fund status and whether you are on a pension. Medicare will reimburse some of the costs related to diagnostic testing, your specialist appointment and inpatient surgery fees when a cataract is present or for some eye conditions.


Should cataracts be present and you hold appropriate health cover, your fund will contribute to the cost. In this situation, out of pocket expense range depending on the individual’s health insurance status, lens selection and eye condition. We are not a No-Gap practice.

Our practice provides premium care through accurate measurement with the latest generation diagnostic equipment that is consistently upgraded to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.  We also offer state of the art lenses and have a specialist doctor who takes the time to explain the procedure and decide in partnership with his patients, what would work best for their lifestyle.  Our focus is to provide you with this highest quality care which we are unable to provide with a ‘No Gap’ service, there will be out of pocket expenses.

We are very happy for our patients to get second opinions and determine what will suit their needs.

Finance Option

Freedom Eye Laser offers two finance options. MediPay and Gem Visa.

Medipay offer payment plans for medical procedures. To check eligibility, patients complete an online application and have a decision back within the hour. Amounts are repayable over 48 months with no penalties for early repayment. Interest is charged, please see www.MediPay.com.au for their terms and conditions.

Freedom Eye Laser is a participating retailer for Gem Visa. With these payment plans, you can enjoy the freedom of laser vision correction now and pay for it over time. Gem Visa offer 6-months interest-free finance to approved applicants. For terms and condition or to apply, visit www.GemVisa.com.au.