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25 Mar 2018

Have you had cataract surgery but don’t want to wear glasses?

Have you had cataract surgery but don’t want to wear glasses?

Have you had cataract surgery, but no longer want to wear glasses?

At Freedom Eye Laser we use the most advanced optics for cataract surgery patients that allow complete independence from glasses. That said, not all cataract surgeons use Multi-focal Intraocular Lenses.  The use of Monofocal Intraocular Lenses will result in either having great distance vision, but requiring glasses for all near vision tasks or alternatively enable one eye for distance vision and the other for reading which has the impact of sacrificing 3D depth perception.

Patients often approach us following cataract surgery performed elsewhere, even years later, to explore opportunities to achieve freedom from reading glasses or to look to reverse monovision due to intolerance of its side effects. It usually is not safe to attempt to extricate the existing lens, as the capsule it sits within shrink wraps onto it. Sulcoflex lenses exist for these cases.

Sulcoflex lens

The Sulcus positioned lenses are designed to sit behind the iris and vault over the front of the existing Intraocular Lens without touching it. They can correct any blur in the distance, reverse monovision to allow both eyes to work together again to recover 3D depth perception and can add in Multifocality, resulting in a visual outcome where both eyes work together for distance and near vision without any glasses.

The procedure is pain-free with next day recovery and has the advantage of being completely reversible.

This technology is also useful for fine tuning outcomes with cataract surgery in patients who are unsuitable for laser vision correction.

Dr Genge is very experienced in the use of these lenses. It has been an enormous relief for many patients to discover that the vision they thought they had to put up with for the rest of their life can be not only corrected, but improved. To see if this will suit you, please contact us on 02 9981 1771.