Freedom Eye Laser
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29 Sep 2017



Vitreolysis is a highly effective, outpatient-based laser procedure that aims to remove or reduce floater(s) to a size that no longer impedes vision.

The vitreolysis procedure is safe, pain-free and takes around 20 minutes. After local anaesthetic is instilled, a contact lens is placed on the eye and the laser is performed in an examination chair. The laser has the capacity to focus only on the floater, not disturbing anything in front or behind it. The floater is fragmented and vaporised.

Generally, a significant improvement is noticed after a single treatment. A second treatment can be performed after 4 weeks if required.

The only alternative to resolve symptomatic floaters is to undergo a Vitrectomy – an in-theatre operation with potential complications that are not applicable to Laser Vitreolysis.