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29 Sep 2017

Corneal Transplant – DALK

Corneal Transplant – DALK

In advanced Keratoconus the abnormal cornea is replaced to provide sharp visual clarity.

A DALK is an advanced form of corneal transplantation for keratoconus where the abnormal corneal tissue is removed.  The patient’s own endothelium (the cornea’s inner lining) is preserved. By preserving the patient’s own endothelium, corneal transplant rejection is eliminated.

Using an air bubble (Big Bubble technique) to separate and push back the inner healthy corneal endothelium, only the abnormal corneal tissue is removed. A donor graft is sutured into position. Clarity of vision improves over a month and the sutures are removed at 9 months.

Once the DALK transplant settles, the new healthy cornea can be fine-tuned to achieve excellent vision free from glasses or contact lenses.