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29 Sep 2017

Collagen Cross-Linking

Collagen Cross-Linking

Keratoconus causes the cornea to progressively stretch and bulge, resulting in blurred vision. The only way to halt progression is to perform collagen cross-linking.

The procedure takes place in rooms and takes 1 hour. The surface layer of the cornea is disrupted, allowing the riboflavin (vitamin B2) that is dropped onto the eye to absorb into the substance of the cornea. An ultra-violet light of known energy level is then entered on the cornea for 30 minutes. A contact lens is positioned and removed a few days later.

The interaction between the UV and the riboflavin allows the collagen fibres of the cornea to link to each other. It stops the progressive steepening of the cornea preventing further visual loss and in some cases improving vision.

Advanced topographic linked PRK Laser Eye Surgery can be used in conjunction to further improve vision by normalising the surface curvature.