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20 Nov 2018

Contoura Vision LASIK Results Achieved at Freedom Eye Laser

Contoura Vision LASIK Results Achieved at Freedom Eye Laser

Freedom Eye Laser offers the most advanced evolution of laser eye surgery with Contoura Vision LASIK.

This state-of-the-art technology to creates a precise map of your cornea, analysing  22,000 elevation points.  This develops a customised treatment that is uniquely yours, as distinct as your fingerprint!

The topographic-guided laser reshapes the cornea to correct your glasses prescription and simultaneously perfects the subtle irregularities on the surface.  Contoura Vision’s exclusive ability to create this perfect corneal surface results in a procedure that can provide up to two lines better vision on the test chart than that achievable with glasses or contact lenses.

Freedom Eye Laser, Contoura Vision Outcomes for primary LASIK patients

100% of patients achieved 20/20 vision, otherwise known as 6/6

97% of patients achieved 20/15 vision, otherwise known as 6/4.5.  This is 1 line better than 20/20 vision on a chart.

59% of patients achieved 2 lines better than 20/20 vision, 20/10 vision, otherwise known as 6/3.5.


Let us customise a treatment to best suit your visual goals. To start this process, give us a call on 02 9981 1991.