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29 Sep 2017



Presbyopia literally means “aging eye”.

By around 40 years of age, almost everyone will start to struggle with reading and close up work – particularly in low light.  Some of the signs and symptoms of presbyopia include eyestrain, headaches or feeling tired from doing up-close work. One of the most obvious signs of presbyopia is the need to hold reading materials at arm’s length in order to focus properly.

In our youth, the lens is soft and flexible with the ability to change its shape easily, allowing you to focus on objects both close and far away.  After the age of 40, the lens becomes more rigid and cannot change shape as easily as it once did, making reading at close range more difficult.

As we age through to our 50s and beyond, presbyopia becomes more advanced. You may notice the need for more frequent changes in your prescription or that a single prescription is no longer the best solution for all your visual needs, so bifocal glasses or multiple pairs are required to compensate for both near and intermediate distances like working at a computer.

The most appropriate correction for you depends on your eyes and your lifestyle.