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25 Oct 2018

Channel 9 interviews Dr Genge on lens implants

Channel 9 interviews Dr Genge on lens implants

Watch as Channel 9 interviews Dr Genge and our patient Neil on lens implant breakthrough.

While researching LASIK surgery, you may have heard that LASIK may not be suitable for patients over the age of 45 years.

Before 45 years of age, the lens inside your eye can change shape to give you a range of focus. It is relatively flat for distance and thickens to provide close up vision for tasks such as reading.  When we reach 45 years of age the lens starts to stiffen and doesn’t change shape as easily as it used to.  This results in near vision becoming blurred and reading glasses become a necessity. We call this condition presbyopia.  It literally means ‘aging eye’.

Freedom Eye Laser performs lens replacement surgery for people over 45 years utilising latest generation multifocal intraocular lenses, labelled a Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) or Cataract Surgery if the natural lens has opacities. This allows you to achieve complete and permanent independence from glasses for all visual tasks: from distance vision such as driving, intermediate such as using a computer and for reading a book of fine print.  Both eyes will work together allowing for perfect depth perception to be maintained with colours leaping back into vividness.

Freedom from reading glasses relieves a real burden.  Not only can you read without glasses but visual tasks such as using a computer, seeing your phone or watch clearly, reading a menu or seeing the prices whilst shopping all become possible without either putting reading glasses on or wearing glasses all the time. It removes the frustration to have to put glasses on and off constantly and to ensure you always have a pair everywhere you go.

Freedom Eye Laser can make the dream of freedom from reading glasses a reality.  Meet our patient Neil and see Dr Genge interviewed for the Channel 9 News:

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