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As an eye specialist, Dr Genge performs eyelid surgery that brings both cosmetic and functional benefits to the patient.

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Dr. James Genge

Ophthalmic Micro Surgeon M.B., B.S., B.Med.Sci. (Hons) FRANZCO
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Why Have Eyelid Surgery?

Functional blepharoplasty refers to eyelid surgery done to correct a medical or physical problem. For example, excess and/or lax skin around the eyelids can begin to cover the eye and create an obstructed field of vision. Blepharoplasty addresses this problem, literally opening up the eye area. Another functional problem is difficulty wearing glasses or contact lenses. This can be caused by baggy upper or lower eyelids and corrected with eyelid surgery. Folds of excess eyelid skin can rub together causing irritation. Some people even experience forehead discomfort as the result of muscles that are constantly straining to support the sagging skin in the eyelids. What’s significant is that the correction of restriction of sight and other functional eyelid surgeries are generally a covered medical expense for most people. 

If you are having trouble with your vision and think that your eyelids may be the culprits, we hope you’ll contact Freedom Eye Laser. Make an appointment with Dr James Genge to learn how he can help, and whether your surgery will be covered by insurance.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Dr Genge is known for his expertise in both laser eye correction, and vision-saving surgical eye procedures. He is also known for his artful aesthetics with cosmetic procedures that involve the eyes. As you age, the skin around your eyelids stretches, your muscles weaken, and fat pockets bulge and become more prominent. Even the most skilful application of cosmetics won’t hide these effects of time. Sagging eyelids detract from the overall attractiveness of your eyes and give your entire face a tired, older appearance. Age is not the only reason people seek out cosmetic blepharoplasty. The lack of tone in eyelid skin can be exaggerated at any age by conditions such as puffy eyes caused by eye allergies or oedema.

Blepharoplasty Basics at Freedom Eye Laser

Dr Genge can perform blepharoplasty on upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both at the same time. Patient comfort is a priority at Freedom Eye Laser. Patients are given local anaesthesia, depending on each individual’s needs. Accuracy is another priority. Prior to your procedure, Dr Genge makes precise markings to designate where excess skin and fat pads need to be removed. Incisions for eyelid surgery are made in the natural folds of the lid, in the crease of the upper eyelid and just beneath the lashes for lower eyelid surgery. These placements ensure that scars are virtually unnoticeable after the incisions heal. Sutures and/or tissue adhesives (medical glue) are then applied to smooth and reconfigure areas around the eyebrows and eyelids.

Two kinds of sutures are used in eyelid surgery. Dissolving sutures, as the name suggests, dissolve on their own in four to seven days. Non-dissolving sutures are removed by your surgeon about a week following the procedure. After eyelid surgery, your eye area will be bruised, red, and swollen, particularly during the first few days.

It may take a few weeks for healing to be complete. Then, depending on your health and other factors, a blepharoplasty can give your eyes a new lease on life, maintaining your vision and your youthful appearance.  If you’d like to know more about upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, or both, we invite you to visit us at Freedom Eye Laser and meet Dr James Genge.