Payment Options

Laser Vision Correction

Freedom Eye Laser has a transparent pricing structure.  A transparent quote is prepared for all patients with no hidden expenses at the time of assessment.

We believe in providing the highest quality vision correction at a price that is fair to you.

At Freedom Eye Laser, only the highest quality treatment will be offered. We therefore do not believe in a graded pricing structure with varying levels of quality. The price is fixed as you will only receive the best, however there are options for how and when you pay.

Laser vision correction utilising Femtosecond Laser is $3200 per eye.

This includes the assessment, the procedure, all post-operative appointments and an enhancement if required for a 3-month period.

Health fund rebates

Certain health funds do contribute toward laser vision correction, please check with your fund regarding this.

Lens Replacement Surgery

Lens Replacement Surgery with advanced trifocal intra-ocular lens implants can vary according to the eye’s condition, pension and health fund status.

Health fund rebates

Should cataracts be present and you hold appropriate Health cover, your fund will contribute to the cost.


Depending on cost, vision correction may be claimable on tax.

Finance Option

Freedom Eye Laser is a participating retailer for Gem Visa.

Gem Visa offer 6-months interest free finance to approved applicants. For terms and condition or to apply, visit: