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The latest technology in Multifocal Intraocular Lens Implants can free you from glasses and contact lenses, achieving superb quality of vision with the safest possible eye procedure.

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Dr. James Genge

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Your initial assessment

Using the latest diagnostic equipment, our highly trained Orthoptic staff will perform a number of tests which will assist Dr Genge in determining the right treatment for you.

Dr Genge will personally discuss your visual goals, review the investigations and conduct a thorough eye examination.  Based on this, the safest and most effective treatment will be presented and carefully explained with ample opportunity to address any questions you may have.

Freedom Eye Laser constantly researches and evaluates the effectiveness of evolving intraocular lens technology.  Dr Genge will always utilise the most up to date, cutting edge optics to provide you with the best quality vision possible.

Preparation for lens treatment

Dr Genge will prescribe eye drops to be administered 4 times a day for the 3 days prior to treatment.

You will need to arrange for someone to drive you home following the procedure.  No eye make-up should be worn on the day.

What happens during the treatment

The eyes are generally corrected individually (1 week apart), although it is possible to perform the procedure on both eyes simultaneously. The procedure takes fifteen-minutes per eye.

Patients attend the hospital 1-hour prior to the procedure, change into a hospital gown and are placed on a bed.  The Anaesthetist will place anaesthetic around the eye whilst you are transiently asleep.  You will be very sedated and will not be able to see or feel anything during the procedure.

During lens replacement surgery, a micro incision entrance port is created of only 2.2 mm that is a self-sealing incision requiring no stitches.  We access the natural lens via this incision.  A 5 mm circular opening is then created in the front of the lens capsule. The lens is fragmented and removed, leaving it’s natural capsule intact. The Intra-ocular lens is placed within the capsular bag. It unfolds within the patient’s capsular bag. The procedure is then complete.

After treatment


A pad is placed over the eye.  This stays in place overnight and usually the eye is completely comfortable.

A follow up appointment for the morning is given and then we send you home to relax for the rest of the day.

The following morning on…

Following lens replacement surgery, recovery is rapid and the eye is pain free.  When you wake the day after surgery, the shields can be removed.  You will be able to see, although generally the vision is mildly blurred due to residual pupil dilation.  As this wears off over a further day, the vision continues to sharpen and people experience what we at Freedom Eye Laser refer to as ‘The Moment’ (link to experiences of Lens Replacement Surgery).

Most people return to work within 1 to 2 days.

Medicated eye drops should be continued for 4 weeks to support a rapid recovery. It is advisable to avoid water in the eyes for a couple of days; swimming and intense exercise should be avoided for 2 weeks.

The procedure is extremely safe. Dr Genge is subspecialty trained in highly complex cataract surgery to ensure you feel confident. Freedom Eye Laser is the right place to have this performed.

The brilliant clarity of the lenses allows for not only superb vision but also recaptures the vividness of colours and provides perfect depth perception. The lenses remain this way for life.

In less than 5% of cases where there is a small residual glasses prescription, the outcome can be perfected with a laser touch up.  As Freedom Eye Laser utilises the most advanced laser vision correction possible, we can provide you with complete confidence in achieving your visual goal.

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