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Dr. James Genge

Ophthalmic Micro Surgeon M.B., B.S., B.Med.Sci. (Hons) FRANZCO
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Contact Lenses

Most people are unaware that the risks they take everyday with contact lenses are far greater than those involved with blade-free LASIK. As a corneal sub-specialist, Dr Genge has corrected many patients with corneal scarring from contact lens infections with a corneal transplant. He has never performed this for a LASIK patient.  The risk of infection with LASIK combined with Femtosecond laser is massively reduced.

Freedom Eye Laser (Femtosecond Laser) Blade free LASIK versus LASIK with a blade (microkeratome)

Freedom Eye Laser will not perform LASIK with a microkeratome or a blade as we will only provide the safest and best quality laser eye surgery possible.  Blade free LASIK is superior to that performed with a blade for the following reasons:

  1. A perfect flap is created every tine with blade free LASIK.
    This is not the case when using a blade.  A blade has a risk of causing a buttonhole flap which can cause scarring.  Blade-free, Femtosecond Laser eliminates this risk by creating a perfect flap – optimising safety and providing better vision.
  2. Reduced risk of Ectasia with blade free LASIK.
    Ectasia is a rare condition that occurs when the cornea is left too thin and is no longer able to maintain its shape.  This bulging can lead to reduced vision.  The precise, thin flap created with blade free laser significantly reduces this risk.
  3. Better quality of vision with blade free LASIK
    Blade free LASIK consistently outperforms blade laser in clinical studies looking at quality of vision.  A Femtosecond (blade free) laser created flap is a consistent thickness across its entire diameter, reducing the possibility of micro-wrinkles that can be found in a blade created flap.  The perfect flap profile provides the best possible vision in laser eye surgery.
  4. Precise flap positioning during blade free LASIK ensures increased safety
    Blade free LASIK allows you to optimise the positioning of the flap before creating it, a level of precision which is not possible with a blade.  The perfectly centred flap gives better vision and safety.
  5. Reduced possibility of epithelial ingrowth
    A Femtosecond flap is created with a vertical sidewall.  This is not possible with a blade.  This enormously reduces the possibility of epithelial ingrowth, which is when the surface cells of the cornea get seeded underneath the flap.

PRK or ASLA Laser (surface based laser)

Due to its slower recovery and increased discomfort to the patient, PRK/ ASLA is only chosen in circumstances when your cornea is unsuitable for LASIK.

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